Virtual IoT Manufacturing System



The VIMS (Virtual IoT Manufacturing System) aim is to develop and industrialize a new, complete, and integrated digital ecosystem for industrial and manufacturing environments. The core of the system combines an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform-along with all its data collected from smart instrumentation, advanced analysis techniques and AI models- with a Digital Twin of the factory or production line. The VIMS project is focused on the development of a Factory Digital Twin (shop floor) in order to enable a detailed visualization of the manufacturing process from single components up to the whole assembly. It provides operators, engineers and managers with full control of the physical production line or factory.

Over the IIoT platform and Digital Twin, three business applications will be developed to provide added value to manufacturing processes:

  • Monitoring System in real time with predictive calibration and performance.
  • Virtual training.
  • Assisted operator.

The performance of the system will be assessed in real cases of one aerospace industry (AIRBUS, Spain) and two pharmaceutical factories (ROCHE, Germany and Switzerland). Selecting real use cases from such different induestries assures that the VIMS system architecture, will be applicable to and compatible with a wide range of factories and production processes of many different business sectors.