Puerto Real

AIRBUS Puerto Real

Develop a Digital Twin to check the Triceps performance:

  • Monitoring the status of 8 triceps via condition-based monitoring (CBM).
  • Detect the performance of the drilling and fastening operation by means of sensors and storage data.

The future application monitors the triceps performance allowing the improvement of the process by the application of Smart Sensors, Analytics, Virtual/Augmented reality and IoT platform. This will allow to verify in real time the quality performance of the triceps operation (drilling and fastening) by end-to-end process analyzing Key Assets parameters, Key Process Parameters and Key Characteristics of the product using a Digital Twin. In addition, lead times will be improved as we are avoiding production slots reserved for measurements and verification by a real time acquisition and analysis.

What is the proposed solution?

  • Develop the Digital Twin (DT) of the triceps and the IoT environment in which the relevant data are processed.
  • Develop and implement an Analytic System to detect the quality performance of the drilling and fastening process.