Kaiseraugst plant

ROCHE Kaiseraugst use case

Develop a Sensor Calibration Monitoring System with predictive maintenance:

  • Monitoring the status via condition-based monitoring (CBM).
  • Extend calibration period and possibly detect de-calibration in time.

The future application monitors and visualizes the sensors conditions in the cleanrooms located in the LSL building in Roche Kaiseraugst.

Collection of data of the sensors installed in the rooms enables prediction of failures and efficient schedulling of maintenance by issuing messages to the personnel.

Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze that information thus allowing Condition Based Maintenance.

What is the proposed solution?

  • Develop the Digital Twin (DT) of the selected elements and the IoT environment in which the relevant data are processed.
  • Develop and implement a prediction method based on machine learning algorithm.
  • Execute in parallel time-based calibration and condition-based calibration and track the benefits.
  • Develop the acquisition solution to collect data from several sources in the manufacturing line.