Mannheim plant

ROCHE Mannheim plant

The third use case is being developed in Roche, specifically in the Mannheim facilities. The aim is to develop an app that detect early warning system or detect deviation in comparison with the time models associated to the production. Consequently, two milestones have been established:

Milestone 1

Visualize the line status of the process showing relevant data for the tasks with a friendly interface app.
A system issuing warnings in case of anomalies detected at the work centres.

Milestone 2

Simulate different process cases to avoid delays in production due to possible failures in order to advice or recommend the workers with the best situation.

What is the proposed solution?

  • Develop a responsive app (phone, tablet or PC) with the capability to be intuitive for all the Roche employees.
  • Develop the acquisition solution to collect and map data from several sources in the manufacturing line.
  • Develop and implement a detection system to identify anomalies comparing with Roche time models.
  • The system shall collect real process times/timelines, process intervals/timeframes, process windows and calculate based on the collected data the new “predictive” lot production scheduling for the next 4 Weeks.